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Welcome to Oxide Quantum Materials & Heterostructures Lab

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Our Research

We are broadly interested in oxide quantum materials and heterostructures, with a significant focus on synthesis of novel complex oxide materials, oxide interface physics, low-dimensional superconductivity, 2D oxide nanomembranes, and quantum materials by design. We leverage a combined approach of atomic-scale fabrication, thin-film epitaxy and kinetic-based synthetic methods, with the aim to prepare novel phases of complex oxides. We specialize in growing materials by the advanced pulsed laser deposition technique and studying their physical properties by transport means.

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Our work is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

26 October, 2022

We observe atomic-scale distinct Moiré patterns directly formed with different twist angles, and the symmetry-inequivalent nanomembranes can be stacked together to constitute new complex moiré configurations. This study paves the way to the construction of higher-order artificial oxide heterostructures based on different materials/symmetries and provides the materials foundation for investigating moiré-related electronic effects in an expanded selection of twisted oxide thin films.

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