Open Positions

Join Oxide Quantum Materials Lab @ CityU!

PhD Students

We are looking for two highly motivated PhD students, who will become responsible lab members working with the advanced growth facilities and the low-temperature transport measurement systems in a dynamic lab setting. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the PI with their CV and academic transcripts attached, prior to submitting their application for the postgraduate study at CityU. The current general application cycle is due on 1st December 2021. Strong candidates can discuss with the PI about the application for Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme with details that can be found here.

Research Associate (Postdoc)

We currently have 1 open position of Research Associate (Postdoc). Candidates with experience in PLD and/or oxide heterostructures or low-temperature transport measurement (including using dilution refrigerator) will be given priority for consideration. Feel free to contact the PI. Please send your CV, a brief summary of your research and a list of names of 2-3 reference.


Undergraduate and MSc students who are passionate about our research and motivated to perform lab work are also encouraged to contact the PI.