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01 October 2022

  • 1st year PhD student, Mr CHAN Ho Yeung Jerry joined us. Welcome!

18 July 2022

  • Postdoc Research Fellow, Mr YANG Mingwei joined us. Welcome!

17 January 2022

  • Research Assistant, Miss ZHANG Jiaqi joined us. Welcome!

06 September 2021

  • 1st year PhD Students, Miss WANG Yuqi, Mr. PEI Zhicheng and Mr. FENG Bohan joined us. Welcome!

06 August 2021

  • 3rd year PhD Student, Mr. TANG Jiayin joined us. Welcome!

22 May 2021

  • Research Assistant, Mr. DONG Zhengang joined us. Welcome!

14 May 2021 - Dr. Li's work published in Nano Letters.

  • We develop a way to stabilize in air the transferrable templates for ex situ epitaxial growth of oxide nanomembranes using other techniques. In this manner, freestanding superconducting SrTiO3 membranes were synthesized ex situ using molecular beam epitaxy. This study paves the way for the synthesis of an expanded selection of freestanding oxide membranes and heterostructures.

12 January 2021 - Dr. Li's collaborative work published in PNAS.

  • We perform highly localized spectroscopic measurements (EELS) to reveal a number of key differences between the superconducting cuprates and nickelates, particularly with regard to the hybridization between the O and metal (Cu or Ni) orbitals.

4 January 2021 - Dr. Li's collaborative work published in Nature Physics.

  • We find that the upper critical field of the infinite-layer nickelate superconductor Nd0.775Sr0.225NiO2 is surprisingly isotropic at low temperatures despite the layered crystal structure. In a magnetic field, the superconductivity is strongly Pauli-limited, such that the paramagnetic effect dominates over orbital de-pairing.

15 December 2020 - Our paper published in Physical Review Materials.

  • The phase diagram of an additional family of nickelate superconductors has been discovered, which marks the first step towards establishing a more generic superconducting phase diagram of the nickelates enriched with many exotic properties and intriguing physics.

16 November 2020 - Our webpage now goes live!

  • Our lab will officially start on 23 November, 2020. Stay tuned and more to come!

16 November 2020 - We are hiring! Check opportunities here!

  • We are actively recruiting young talents: PhD students and Research Assistants/Associates. Contact the PI for more information!

16 November 2020 - Our Nature paper on superconductivity in a nickelate has been spotlighted by multiple articles.

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